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  Houbihu is located in DaGuang Neighborhood of HungChun. It used to be a small fishing village. Since the location is close to the fisheries around Pacific Ocean and Bashi Channel where the cold and warm currents meets, fishing resources are quite rich. Besides, the port area is wide and the channel is deep. Houbihu gradually becomes the biggest fishing port inside KenTing National Park, which is a port of fishing industry and tourism.   There are kinds of fishes in the sea area near Houbihu. From every April to July, dolphin fishes, flying fishes and Indo-Pacific sailfishes are in season. From October to next March, catches of white skin and black skin swordfishes are the highest. Houbihu Port supplies nearly all fresh fishes of the local markets in HungChun. It’s a usual scene that the locals and tourists rush for picking the fresh fishes.   In order to promote the tourism of Houbihu, a yacht port and berth has been constructed inside Houbihu port and kinds of recreation facilities are allowed including entertainment fishing boats, yachts, water motorcycles, sailboats, parasails, banana boats and tourist semi submarine. Since there are many coral reefs and marine lives gathering near Houbihu port, in coordination with the management of entertainment fishing boats, government particularly maps out the sea area between Maobitou and Houbihu as the special sight area of KenTing National Park.    Water in this sea area is crystal-clear. Kinds of soft corals, stony corals, seaweeds, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, sea eels, shrimps, shells and tropical fishes are countless. During the flying fish season in every April and May, the beautiful flying fishes, whales and dolphins show up and make a natural marine beauty which is also the undersea paradise for snorkeling lovers.


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