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The most south point of Taiwan

The most south point of Taiwan

In many people’s impression, not only E-Luan-Bi is a famous sight-seeing spot on Hengshun Peninsula, but also E-Luan-Bi Lighthouse is the most famous landmark in the most south of Taiwan. Many tourists definitely remember to visit this spot when traveling in KenTing. However, there are few people who know that the most south point of Taiwan is actually in a kilometer near E-Luan-Bi Park. The place is also a coral reef shore covered by various stones. People can hardly forget the grand and beautiful sea view.   Leaving from E-Luan-Bi Park and following the clear signs along the road, you will arrive at the gate of E-Luan-Bi camping area. After walking a little further, soon you will see the entry of a brick path to the most south point of Taiwan. The path is 500 meters in total length. Since shades on both sides of the path are dense and the environment is quiet and peaceful, walking there won’t suffer from sunburn. Sometimes, you can see some butterflies flying around. With walking further, you can gradually hear sound of waves. The sound is much clearer when closer and you can see wide sky and sea. In about 10 minutes walk, you will arrive at the position of the most south point of Taiwan.   The most south point of Taiwan is on the brick of Bashi Channel, facing Pacific Ocean on left side. On the wooden deck, there is a cement building standing as the sign of the most south point. The location is 120o 50’ E and 21o 53’59" N. In some angle, it looks like a conch with its tail upwards. Some people also think it’s like a bamboo shoot. In another angle, two separate stones represent the image of sea and land depending on each other. Everything on the earth originally coexists in peace like this. When you are in the most south of Taiwan, you can feel this much stronger.


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